Choosing Me Before We: Every Woman’s Guide to Life and Love

April 16, 2012

Book review

The book dares women to put their most important relationship first — the one with themselves.

by Christine Arylo

This book opens the door to a whole new level of conversation about a topic women talk about more than any other subject — their relationships with men.

It is for all women, whether they’re looking for love, evaluating a less-than-fulfilling relationship, rebounding from a bad breakup or working through interpersonal issues as a couple. It dares women to put their most important relationship first — the one with themselves.

Far too many women spend countless hours complaining about, analyzing and crying over their unmet desires for the right man to love, hold and marry them. Far too often, they go on to settle for a guy who might seem like Mr. Right in some ways, but who could never become a true partner or satisfy their deepest desires.

Arylo turns the topic of love relationships on its head by asking women to stop trying to find, fix or catch a mate and to start getting real with themselves. She offers the wisdom and liberation that is possible when we discover love and live for “me” instead of starting with “he” or “we.”

Arylo teaches women to stop settling and/or desperately seeking fairy tales and start exploring and understanding what they truly want by helping them to know the real woman living inside; find truth and get honest about the lies and illusions influencing their lives; love the woman they are today, were yesterday and are becoming tomorrow; trust their best friend — hello, intuition; honor their desires so they never settle again; and manifest the partner and relationship they really want.

$14.95 — New World Library, 14 Pamaron Way, Novato, CA 94949.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 28, Number 2, April/May 2009.

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