Numerology for Decoding Behavior: Your Personal Numbers at Work, With Family and in Relationships

April 12, 2012

Book review

Numbers and letters are the blueprints of our lives.

by Michael Brill

Numbers and letters are the blueprints of our lives. By studying the patterns they create — whether a name, an address or a date — we can learn more about ourselves, others and how to best interact with those around us.

Providing simple numeric exercises that use only the first vowel and first consonant of a person’s name and their birth month and day, Brill shows how to identify anyone’s reactive and proactive behavior patterns — along with their underlying causes — to prevent and resolve interpersonal issues, as well as recognize and change our own negative personal tendencies.

Combining numerology with psychology, he explains the connection between the first name and behavior at work, the middle name and social-emotional patterns in relationships, and the last name and family dynamics.

Illustrating how this information can be applied, he explains how to find anyone’s personal challenges and greatest strengths through their Achievement Number, as well as how to use this number for a more accurate understanding of an individual’s behavior patterns. Offering extensive examples, interpretations and exercises, Brill reveals how recognizing these facets of our behavior is the first step to working through our negative patterns and affecting personal transformation.

$14.95 — Destiny Books, One Park St., Rochester, VT 05767.

Reprinted from AzNetNews, Volume 30, Number 5, October/November 2011.

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